Профессиональный питомник Донских сфинксов "Stone" - Москва. Разведение и продажа котят Ориентировочное время чтения: 1 мин. Профессиональный питомник Донских сфинксов "Stone" - Москва. Разведение и продажа котят. Питомник кошек Питомник донских сфинксов "Lemon Mouth". Россия, Москва. Породы: Донской сфинкс. Питомник "Lemon Mouth" занимается разведением Донских сфинксов, осуществляет продажу котят.
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Питомник донских сфинксов Pantessa's ( Донецк)

Профессиональный питомник Донских сфинксов "Stone" - Москва. Разведение и продажа котят Донского сфинкса. Заводчик Каменская Галина. Вас приветствует заводчица(фелинолог) донских сфинксов Щеколдина Марина Михайловна, питомник "РАМЗЕС". А сейчас немного обо мне и моих любимых голышах.

Информация успешно отправлена. Подарите себе, своим близким и любимым людям радость общения с таким котенком. Котята - Донские сфинксы - ласковые и нежные детки, которых не хочется выпускать из рук. Их мягкая и горячая кожа так приятна на ощупь. Это очень мурчащие создания.

О таком благородстве характера можно только мечтать. Абсолютно не злопамятные кошки. Их грациозность, и в то же время игривость - завораживает. Каждый котенок - индивидуальность, но каждый из них- это тепло, доброта, внимание и огромная порция любви к Вам. Все наши кото-детки растут в любви и заботе.

Treat yourself, your family and your loved ones the joy of communication with this kitten. Kittens - the Don Sphynxes are affectionate and gentle children, do not want to let go.

Soft and hot skin so pleasant to the touch.

This is a very purring creation. Such nobility of character could only dream of. Absolutely not vindictive cats. Their gracefulness, and at the same time, the playfulness is fascinating. Each kitten is unique, but each of them is warmth, kindness, attention and a huge portion of love to You All of our cat-kids grow up in love and care.

Father: G. Дизайн этого сайта создан в конструкторе. Узнайте подробности и зарезервируйте котенка, заполнив форму: Find out more and reserve a kitten by filling out the form:. Отправить send mail. Мальчик 27 дней.

Каждый котенок - это теплый комочек, созданный из тепла, ласки и любови Each kitten is a warm lump created from warmth, affection and love. Каждый котенок - индивидуальность, но каждый из них- это тепло, доброта, внимание и огромная порция любви к Вам Все наши кото-детки растут в любви и заботе.

Котята - это маленькие фабрики по производству позитива. питомник донских сфинксов москва
Kittens are small factory for the production of positive. Бублик Bublik. Помет "В". Belinda Father G. Belinda Father: G. FullSizeRender 3. Aisidora Father G.

Over the entire period of the cattery has been done a huge selection work. Our cattery is open- we attract animals looking for work from other catteries and aboriginal. We have made tremendous progress in consolidating standards, all litters of animals have smooth, without defects and congenital defects.

All litters are carefully culled, allowed to breed only healthy individuals without any genetic abnormalities. In our cattery is not aggressive animals - is the result of long and painstaking work, all animals with a normal counterbalanced psyche.

The latest achievement of our work is the removal and consolidation of a new color. Many of the animals of our cattery are winners of international exhibitions, we are well aware of the house and outside the country. I am proud of my cattery, but all this work would not afford me if my way is not met a faithful friend and a fan of these animals.

I heartily thank my colleague and associate Moiseenko Svetlana, without this burden would be heavy and without her there would be no cattery "Flower Iturup". Dear cat lovers, on the website you can read more about our animals and love them.

Welcome to the Kuril Bobtail cattery! History of the cattery: " I am delighted with the early childhood wild cats living their natural habitat. Their mind endurance, beauty and grace charmed. I very much wanted know them better. The ordinary curiosity and desire to have such a friend prompted to study aboriginal breeds of cats living on the territory of our country.

It was learned a great amount of literatureand at last I was lucky, from the island of Iturup Kuril brought me a little kitten with a short tail, he picked up the hunters, mother got a cat in a trap and killed. The kitten grew up to resemble a forest lynx, only in miniature.

On the habits of these animals, i have already told you in the article about the breed. Many patience and love given to these animals, their minds and habits are radically different from house cats who can confirm the held.

After the death of "firstborn" I understood- Kuril Bobtail - a disease that is the love for all life. After moving to Moscow, I intentionally took up the search of a new animal, - Bonifacyi Garden of rainbow chrysanthemums and a new family-friendly Cat Club "luxury". As Bonia grew very beautiful and more we began to win prizes and admiring glances at the international exhibitions.

Trains in the cities and villagesI understood, what about these wonderful animals, people do not know and quite a few. It was therefore decided to buy another cat Gortenzya and to breed these wonderful animals Yours faithfully, always with you, Svetlana Mosienko".

Cattery Kurilian Bobtail.

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